Water Slide Rentals Hattiesburg, MS

Waterslide rentals Laurel MS are a great way to cool off and have oh so much fun.  And, the best part! We bring Waterslide Rentals Laurel MS to you! That's right, we will deliver our Waterslide Rentals Laurel MS to your event and set them all up for you.  You enjoy the day with your friends, family, and community and when done, we will be back to pick them up. We do all the cleaning, folding, drying and heavy lifting. All you have to do is call and we will get everything done for you.  It is really that simple. With all of our waterslides, we ask that you provide water and electricity.  If you are in a place that you cannot get a hose to, then you can also rent our dry slides, which are just as fun but don't have the water included.  And, there all kinds of inflatable rentals to choose from, as well as, concessions, large yard games and we even offer generator rentals. Our generators will provide the power needed to run a rental unit, where there isn't power.  These are great for community events where they are all set up in a field. VIEW WATER SLIDES HERE

Community Event Rentals

Waterslide rentals Laurel MS are the perfect addition to community events.  Who doesn't like water on a hot Mississippi day? When you order, be sure that you pay attention to the dimensions of the water slide.  These can get quite large and need proper room around them for the kids and adults to stand and move around. The dimensions to all of our inflatables are on their product pages and we are always happy to help as well.  We want your day to go smoothly and that's why we ensure we will have everything set up on time and ready to go. All you have to do is bring the guests! BOOK ONLINE HERE

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Party Rentals For Fundraisers

Waterslide rentals Laurel MS are perfect for those that are looking for a fun fundraiser too!  Let the kids cool off while enjoying their time with friends and family. Fundraisers are always hard, but with the help of our inflatable rental line up, it has never been easier.  All you need to do is put together an advertising plan and sit back while we do the rest. Waterslide rentals Laurel MS and inflatable rentals entertain guests for hours and to add to the fundraiser, add some concessions.  Nobody can resist the smell of popcorn and it's a great way to make a little more money for your cause. Cool off with Waterslide rentals Laurel MS or just have some fun with our other party rentals. These are perfect for anyone, not just kids.  Get outdoors and unplug from the electronics for a bit, splash it up and enjoy the sunshine. We offer a huge line up of options that you can choose from.  So, enjoy life a little and have a blast with our Waterslide rentals Laurel MS today. VIEW CONCESSIONS RENTALS HERE

Professional Party Rentals Company Hattiesburg, MS

We have been in business for over 15 years.  We are a professional party rental company that has everything the state inspected.  Our professional event rental company also carries insurance and we promise to over exceed any expectations you might have.  We are professionals that have set up countless events and parties and are happy to help you with yours as well.  


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